Frequently Asked Questions

Below you find the most frequently asked questions we get at HIITSTUDIO and the answers.
Please read through carefully. If you still have questions about training with us or making a booking, or anything else, please feel free to contact us.
We reply within 24 hours.

Do I need experience?
No. You dont need experience to join any of our classes. Everyone is welcome including Beginners as we cater to all levels
Are there showers and changing facilities?
Yes. We do have
Is water available at HIIT Studio?
Yes. We provide Mineral Water & Dispenser at our facilities
Do you accept students of any level?
Yes, we teach people of all levels, from complete beginners to professional boxers. Men and women of all ages, sizes and backgrounds are welcome in our gym. Don’t be intimidated to join our classes if you have never boxed before. Our trainers are kind, patient and can teach you from scratch
How much does training cost?

Please go through our Pricing page for more details

Can I pay with Credit Card?
Yes you can pay by Card
What gear do I need to train?

You will need gloves, hand wraps and shin guards. You can wear any type of shorts but most people choose to wear Muay Thai shorts and singlets (tops). The training is done barefoot but some people like to go for a run before class, so bring your running shoes too. If you don’t have Muay Thai gear, don’t worry. We have it in our studio

If you want to do sparring you can use mouth guards. You can buy from any gym shop

Where is HIIT Studio?

Please check us out here.

How do I become a member?

Please approach any of our Staff for Assistance

Do you offer group or package discounts?

Yes we do, please contact info@hittstudio.com regarding group inquiries.

Do you offer long term discounts?

Yes. we do offer long term discounts. Please drop us an email at info@hiitstudio.com for long term discounts

Do you offer Private Lessons?

Yes we do offer Private Lessons. Please drop us an email at info@hiitstudio.com for booking a private lesson

What does Muay thai training consists of?
  • Running: Muay Thai fighters run. Running builds stamina, endurance & cardio conditioning to prepare for a 5 round Muay Thai fight. Running program is not mandatory, (apart from those preparing for a fight) but strongly suggested.
  • Warm Up: Running on mats, skipping, calisthenics followed by stretching. Warming up is important to prepare the body for peak performance and to minimize risk of injury.
  • Shadow Boxing: Shadowboxing helps develop neuromuscular familiarity in executing different physical movements in fighting sports. loosen up the muscles and joints. It prepares not just the muscles but also the nervous system. It improves footwork, coordination and muscle stabilization, technique visualization, cardio and conditioning.
  • Technique Class: 20 minutes of instruction and correction on various techniques and combinations by the trainers.
  • Boxing Sparring: Controlled sparring with 16-18oz gloves and optional head guard, focusing purely on boxing.
  • Muay Thai Sparring: Controlled Sparring with 16-18oz gloves, shin pads ad optional head guard, working on offense and defense using punches, kicks, clinching and knees.
  • Pad work: At least 3 rounds of hitting pads with the Muay Thai trainers, working on developing correct technique, speed, power and stamina.
    Bag work: At least 3 rounds of working techniques on a variety of different bags.
  • Clinching: 20+ minutes of clinching with a training partner, working on gaining positions of control throws and light knees ( using the inside of the thigh to strike with to prevent injuries during training)
  • Conditioning: Drills on the bag, pull ups, push ups, sit ups
  • Cooldown: Calisthenics and stretching to improve flexibility and help the body recover from the hard training.

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