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Classes For All Levels

With a focus on Thai boxing, HIITSTUDIO offers instruction for ALL skill levels, from total novices to numerous World Champions.
We can help you advance and sharpen your Muay Thai skills quickly thanks to our set timetable and excellently skilled coaching staff.

They are here to help YOU realize your objectives, whether you want to become the next World Champion or learn self-defense. HIITSTUDIO has together some of the most talented and active fighters/instructors in Bali to become coaches and mentors at HIITSTUDIO.

Muay Thai

With the best trainers in Indonesia, you’ll be sure to get your heart rate up, sweat on and challenge yourself like you’ve never done before. Train like a Muay Thai fighter by learning techniques that have been passed down from the 16th century with our 2 Thai trainers. You will be sure to work every muscle in the body. All levels welcome.

Boxing Fundamentals

Boxing goes for Whole 60 minutes. Our boxing classes work your whole mind & body with our Boxing coach taking you through combos, footwork and realistic drills that sharpen your reflexes, coordination and focus. You’ll not only see an improvement in your physical strength but mental strength as well ensuring you get an authentic fight experience.


This Pro MMA class is to develop great strength, skills, power and technique and compete at the highest level. If you are new to mixed martial arts training you must go through the following 3 levels of training : Improves physical strength and mental conditioning, Technical Skills, & Tactical Approach

Hiit Boxing

The Box HIIT exercise combines some of the most popular boxing techniques with a bodyweight set of high intensity interval training that will push your body to its absolute limit.

Increase your strength, speed, and endurance with this boxing workout. Any skill level is welcome!

Box N Booty

If you want to sweat, have fun, burn calories and increase muscular endurance then Box and Booty is for you! It creatively focuses on areas that pertain to your arms and booty. This class will make you rethink how you define fatigue as it’s designed to challenge your endurance and muscular strength.

Spin Box
Spin Box

Pedal and punch your way to peak fitness in our exhilarating SpinBox Class. It’s your chance to go all in, pushing your limits with quick, intense bursts of effort, followed by brief recovery moments. This mixed approach torches calories, boosts cardiovascular endurance, and ignites calorie burn long after the class ends leading you to a fitter and leaner body./p>

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